Engine Mounts


Engine mounts

Kavo Parts’ engine mounts

  • Most complete range for Asian vehicles; almost 1.000 references
  • More than 1.700 connected vehicle applications
  • Also on the latest vehicle models
  • OE-quality
  • Attractive pricing
  • Fast delivery
  • Outstanding service and 3 year warranty

A vehicle’s motor has a number of engine mounts, depending on among other things the weight and location of the engine. An engine mount contributes significantly to the driveability and comfort of the vehicle. It supports the engine, it muffles vibrations and it absorbs all forces related to both acceleration and deceleration.

Positions of engine mounts in a vehicle



  1. Rear
  2. Front
  3. Right
  4. Left
  5. Upper

You can find these positions in our e-catalogue.



With almost 1.000 references Kavo Parts is by far the largest supplier of engine mounts for Asian vehicles. With more than 1700 connected vehicles our range is the most complete. Also for the latest vehicle models, such as;


Broken engine mounts or bad quality engine mounts do not only reduce driving comfort, they can also cause tremendous damages.

Consequences broken or bad quality engine mounts;

  1. Engine vibrations
  2. Excessive noise
  3. Misalignment
  4. Engine damage
  5. Broken belts and hoses

Worn engine mount                                                                                   New engine mount Kavo Parts

An essential part of the engine mount is the rubber. Kavo Parts’ engine mounts are made of top quality steel and the highest grade rubber with a dedicated compound, both especially designed for the application. Excessive vibrations could be caused by a rigid rubber compound. Whereas excessive engine movement is caused by a weak compound.

Kavo Parts understands the importance of quality. This applies to all our products. We have been in business with the best Asian OE-constructors for the last 30 years. Thanks to these long term partnerships Kavo Parts delivers original quality products at competitive prices.