Constant velocity joint (CV Joint) for automotive

Constant velocity joint

Constant velocity joint

If you are looking for a particular type of constant velocity joint, there is a high chance that Kavo Parts has them for you.


Our constant velocity joints are fully tested after the heat treatment. This to make sure that we sell only the best quality to our customers. Safety is a pro within our company and we make sure that our constant velocity joints are 100% safe and guarantee highest accuracy and quality.

Wide range

With more than 500 references we offer a wide range of car parts for Japanese and Korean cars. The constant velocity joints are provided as a kit. This includes: joint, boot circlip, grease, boot, tightening straps, bolts, nuts and spacers. Depending of the application, our constant velocity joints have an ABS ring or not. Complementary to the constant velocity joints we also offer a wide range of CV boot kits.

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