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Glow plug

Glow plug

Ever since 1985, Kavo parts has been a trend-setting supplier of Japanese and Korean car parts. From Apeldoorn, we deal with requests from over fourty countries. Thanks to our well organized distribution network, we can process 95% of all requests within five work days within Europe. So whether you need glow plugs, thrust bearings or electrical parts, we have them for you.

The best quality

The Kavo Parts glow plug program is engineered according OE standards. This makes our glow plugs the best in the market for quality, choice and performance. The glow plugs are designed, produced and tested according to the highest quality standards. The functioning of the glow plugs is tested twice, this results in a zero defect rate.

The range

Besides traditional sizes (4,0 mm, 4,4 mm and 5,0 mm), Kavo Parts also provides glow plugs of 3,5 mm. Our glow plugs are especially designed for Korean and Japanese cars. Besides that, Kavo parts provides glow plugs for old Japanese systems and recent European systems. For this reason our 100 references ensure suitability for almost every Asian diesel engine in the market.  

Questions and advice

If you have questions or if you need advice on which reference you should purchase. Do not hesitate to fill out our contact form or give us a call. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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