Brake Parts

Brake Parts

The complete brake parts line meets the highest quality requirements. For brake pads and shoes, KAVO has chosen the Japanese OE supplier MK Kashiyama. In addition to the MK Kashiyama brake parts line, we offer an assortment of brake pads and shoes under a new private Kavo Parts brand. All pads meet European standards (ECE R90), and are tested and certified by TÜV AUTOMOTIVE GmbH.

Brake hoses and handbrake cables consist of more than 3,500 parts numbers, and are therefore the most complete Asian program. Of course, all brake hoses meet the high standards of SAE J1401, FMVSS106, and CMVSS106.

  • Brake pad
  • Brake shoe
  • Brake disc
  • Brake drum
  • Brake hose
  • Handbrake cable

Expected this spring!

Master Brake Cylinders

  • 236 references
  • 2213 connected vehicles

Wheel Brake Cylinders

  • 141 references
  • 1852 connected vehicles