Ignition Parts

Ignition Parts

Ignition Coils

The ignition coil is the power station of the ignition process in the petrol engine. It must transform the low 12V voltage on board to the high ignition voltage which is required to ignite the fuel-air mixture.

Kavo Parts ignition coils stand for high quality due to sophisticated engineering. Our OE- manufacturers are using rare earth magnets such as Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt. These materials require an advanced manufacturing process and sealing in a clean room environment.


  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit
  • Lightweight

Lastly, our ignition coils have flashover voltage preventions to avoid short circuit and premature damage.

KAVO advantages:

  • OE-quality
  • 280 references for more than 2000 different vehicle models
  • Competitive pricing
  • Delivery within 5 days

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Glow plugs

KAVO glow plugs are designed, produced and tested according the highest OE quality standards. Glow plugs are double tested according to the protocol of car manufacturers. In addition to traditional 4mm, 4.4mm, and 5.0mm glow plugs, KAVO also supplies the latest 3.5 mm glow plugs specially for Asian cars. KAVO supplies glow plugs for the recent European system (ISS) and the older Japanese system (QGS).sliderimage

Wire sets

Kavo Parts wire sets are world’s highest quality ignition cords. Their unique construction guarantees good conduction and at the same time perfect reduction of all types of electrical disturbances and or radio interference for a better phone and radio perception. The Kavo Parts wires improve starting under cold, wet and hot conditions, reduces fuel consumption by improving combustion and improves engine performances. The wire wounded technology is mainly used by Japanese car manufacturers and is also selected by Kavo Parts as the basic element for its ignition wire sets.