Which Ev charging cable do I need?

In total we offer 6 different charging cables, two different kinds of Type 1 cables and 4 different kinds of Type 2 cables. Modus 3 – Type 1 to 2 (Yakazi) The Yakazi charger is available in 16 amps (ECC-10001) and 32 amps (ECC-10002). To choose between these two cables, you only have to pay[…]

New and in stock Conventional Wiper Blades

Due to the great success of our flat and rear wiper blades, we now also have Kavo Parts branded conventional wipers available for you! You get Kavo Parts quality, in Kavo Parts packaging for Kavo Parts prices. Our references, 21 in total, fit almost 16,000 cars. Attached you’ll find all items and specifications. The article[…]

New and in stock; charging cables

As one of the first aftermarket specialists for electric vehicles we now have in stock for you; charging cables for all electric vehicles! We have seven references, covering 99,9% of the electric vehicle range, waiting to be ordered by you! They differ in type and capacity, but all are high-performance, first-class quality and deliver great power[…]