Entries by Comptimus

AutoPro – French Polynesia

We have been working with KAVO for many years now and I am really happy that we have reached this win-win relationship. I am proud to say that KAVO is one of my best suppliers and that, even though we are one of their farthest customers, they have always treated us as part of the […]

Eltrekka – Greece

Kavo has been to us a loyal strategic partner for almost twenty years. It is rear and valuable to have the feeling of support when attempting to really develop a country’s network. With Kavo we are looking forward to design and implement a viable plan for growing our mutual business. Kyriakos Souliotis

Auto Waard B.V. – The Netherlands

We are more than satisfied with Kavo as supplier of Automotive parts. Kavo exceeds their competition by delivering a wide range of high quality parts for a very competitive price. We also appreciate the dedication of the employees at Kavo. Clear communication and a good working relationship with their customers are an essential part of […]

Tekstara – Lithuania

Laba diena, For us KAVO B.V. is excellent B2B partner because of genuine quality parts, adequate price level, fast delivery and most important extraordinary people that we can call friends. Tomaš Griškevič