Order our fast moving filter references per pallet. We take care of everything. We order your direct shipment at our standard supplier. So you have OEM quality with Kavo Parts brand name. In about 4 months your pallet(s) will arrive at our warehouse. We can ship it directly to you, without extra handling. Your standard order can off course be added. The order will arrive at your company as you’re used to. But now you have fast moving filters, for a much better price, so you can significantly improve your margin!



  • By special separate order by email, in excel to your designated account manager.
  • Number of pallets you wish to order.

Order confirmation

  • The KAVO confirmation has to be sent by return in PDF by email including a signature.
  • After confirmation it is no longer possible to change or cancel this order.
  • Order & Confirm before the 15th of each month to guarantee order processing that month (fastest delivery times);


  • Expected delivery for the shipment is: approximately 4 months after OC (measured from the 15th of each month)
  • Delivery times may vary with +/-1 or 2 weeks.
  • Delivered quantities may vary ,depending on changes to the full pallet quantity.
  • References in this order will be delivered with your running order as soon as we receive them. It might happen that ordered references will be shipped separately, due to different time of arrival at Kavo
  • Ordered goods must leave within 4 weeks after arrival at Kavo. We will automatically invoice and ship the goods following the standard agreed terms and conditions.

Special conditions

For administrative reasons all references for Direct shipments are ending with -D, Please take note that the references which will be delivered to your warehouse are the regular Kavo Parts references (without -D). In other words the confirmation shows TO-137-D, but in practice you will receive of course TO-137.