Flat wiper blades

We now have available for you; Kavo Parts branded wiper blades.

Next to our range of NWB wiper blades we offer you the best performing aftermarket flat and rear blades youโ€™ll find.

All in Kavo Parts boxes, with Kavo Parts quality, for Kavo Parts prices!

Flat wiper blades are becoming more and more standard nowadays. And for a good reason; the totally new technology brings so many benefits that you can’t ignore them.

You can now offer your customers wiper blades that are just as good as original or premium blades, but for much better prices. Just like youโ€™re used to from Kavo Parts.

Improve your margins with our 16 references that fit more than 26,000 different cars. We deliver them with at least 15 adaptors so they fit multiple applications.

Of course they are available for you in TecDoc and our e-catalogue.

You want to know more about them? Check all features here or ask your sales manager for more information.