Good wiper blades are important. Worn wiper blades obscure your view of the road. After all, they no longer clean your windscreen properly. It goes without saying that this can lead to dangerous situations. Moreover, it is not really the most comfortable way to drive and your eyes will tire more quickly while driving.

When do my wiper blades need to be replaced?

It is not the case that there is a standard in terms of kilometers for replacing your windshield wipers,  but you will notice soon enough. At the moment your wiper blades are starting to squeak you know they’re due for replacement. After the ‘squeaking-phase’ the blades will leave more and more streaks on the windshield. That’s the moment it becomes dangerous and replacement is a must.

Why are flat wiper blades better than traditional ones?

It’s quite simple; unlike traditional wiper blades, a flat wiper does not have a steel frame. This allows the wiper to adapt to the shape of the windscreen and fit seamlessly. Traditional wiper blades normally have four pressure points. At these points the blade has the best contact with the windshield. At the other parts of the blade, contact is less optimal. A flat wiper blade spreads the pressure evenly along the entire length of the blade and has constant and uniform contact with the windshield. Logically, flat wiper blades deliver much better performances as a result, streak less, are quieter and more wear-resistant.

Choose Kavo Parts’ flat wiper blades and rear wiper blades

Our flat and rear wiper blades are the best you can buy. Made of high-quality material to ensure you solid and silent operation and streak free wiping. Just excellent and long-lasting performances for great prices. Kavo Parts’ wiper blades are good for your view of the road and your wallet.

Kavo Parts Flat Wiper Blades are easy to install. Consult or download the instructions below. With the included adapters one blade fits multiple cars. All you have to do is check which wiper arm connection the car has, then you choose the correct adapter. And then it’s only a matter of click and go.

Advantages of our flat and rear wiper blades: