LED Signing – A Visual Representation

At Kavo Parts, we believe that how we present ourselves reflects our commitment to excellence. Our new building created the perfect opportunity for us to present ourselves as a reliable and professional brand. We wanted to add something to our building that would make it instantly recognizable. This mindset led us to collaborate with SignDeal, a renownedย  and very professional organization in The Netherlands known for its innovative LED signage solutions.

Choosing for LED Signing

So, why did we choose LED signage for our new building? As our building is close tot he highway it also enables us to increase the amount of people that know our brand. Peter Bloemberg, our Sales & Marketing Director, explained: โ€œWe saw an opportunity with our new building to make a strong statement and uniquely represent our brandโ€ย  With our new building we want to show and communicate who we are as Kavo Parts. Peter Bloemberg emphasized, “The result; Our organization now displays professionalism.โ€ Herald Nijenhuis, our Operations Director, further emphasized the impact, saying, “Our building shows our commitment to quality and reliability. It’s a visual representation of what we are all about.โ€

A Significant Difference
No need to say we are very pleased with the results. โ€œThis project has gone beyond our expectations. It has made us not only more visible to our customers but also shows a stronger sense of trustworthiness and quality. We extend our thanks to the entire team of SignDeal for their dedication in creating signs that is clearly visible, whether it’s day or night.” โ€“ Peter.

Herald added, “Working on this project has been a positive experience. From the first discussions to the completion of our project, professionalism and dedication were present at every turn. The team’s friendliness and willingness to collaborate made the process even more enjoyable. They were always open to discussions and feedback, resulting in a close partnership.โ€